List of Commands that can be executed by every player in the server:

Command Description
info Shows server name, amount of players, map, gametype and if scim mode is enabled or not.
stats Shows your kills, assists, deaths, your kill/death ratio and the time since you are playing in the server.
sv_stats Displays some cool stats about the server
about Tells you the sapp version, and who made sapp.
whatsnext Tells you the next map and gametype if there is sapp mapcycle set.
login "V2" Admins can log in with this command so they can use chat too to execute admin commands.
afk Only if enabled by the server admin (set its level to -1): You won't respawn after you died untill you type this command again. (So you can't be afk-killed)
lead [enabled] Tells you if no-lead mode is enabled

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