Note: Commands are accessible via rcon and chat text (place \ or / [or w/e u set with cmdstart command, see misc Commands for more info] before each command) if you have the appropriate admin rights/level, console and from the init.txt (both).

Command Description
load Loads server plugin (sapp.dll), commands listed below are available only if 'load' had been issued before.
unload Unloads server app, useful when new version of sapp.dll is released :-) and you want to perform update without restarting server.
reload Reload all sapp files.
refresh_ipbans Refresh IP-banlist and ipbans.txt.
v1 Change server's version to on CE and to on PC
v2 Changes version to (1.09 - official version)
v Display current version of server.
vspec You can set a special version number, use the "xx.xx.xx.xxxx" format, only for advanced users.
pl = sv_players + players/max slot
bans = sv_banlist
password = sv_password
rcon_password = sv_rcon_password
map = sv_map with an extra feature that it will cancels mapvote for that round
maplist = sv_maplist just with 3 columns
balance_teams This command will try to make the most equal teams based on kills, assists, deaths and TKs, with a two pass scoring system.
Players, whos got team switched, won't get +1 death.
k player_expr "reason" Player will be kicked with a reason noticing the other players. Ex:
k 4 moron
** server ** New 001 was kicked by the admin. Reason: moron
b player_expr [time] "reason" Player will be banned with a reason noticing the other players. Ex:
b 4 h4x0r
** server ** New 001 was banned by the admin. Reason: h4x0r
say player_expr msg

Sends server messages to players matching player_expr. say "message" = say * "message" 
Special sequences:
\n will be replaced with name of player that receives message.
\t will be raplaced with name of his team.
\o will be replaced with name of opposite team.

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