adminadd <player_expr> <admin_level> [allowed_ip_ranges] Adds player to the admin list, admins are identified via their CD-Key hashes, for additional security you can give list of IP ranges that admin is allowed to operate from. Example: 
adminadd 3 4
admin_change_level <index> <level> Changes the privilege level of the given admin.
admindel <index> Removes admin with given index.
admins Displays v1 admin list.
Admin management v2
Admin add <player_expr> <password> <admin_level> Adds player to the admin list, admins are identified via their name and password. They can log in with their admin name and password in the chat. Ex: \login "password" (ofc, other players won't see your password, just don't forget the \ or / Admins have to log in in each connect for their admin rights. After login, they can use chat as console, like; \pl, \k 3 "noob", \balance_teams, etc. Example: 
admin add 2 "LoL1234" 4
Admin add_manually <player name> <password> <admin_level> Add admins manually, Example: 
admin add_manually New001 MDR777 4
Admin list Displays v2 admin list.
Admin change_pw <admin_id> <new_password>

Changes the password of the given admin. Ex: admin change_pw 2 "low1234"
admin password must be between 4 and 15 characters.

Admin change_level <admin_id> <admin_level> Changes the privilege level of the given admin. Ex: admin change_level 1 4
admin level must be between 0 and 4.
Admin del <admin_id>

Removes an admin with the given index.

change_password <old_password> <new_password>

admins can change their own password with this command.


Commands by level
Level -1 (player) Commands:
info, stats, sv_stats, whatsnext, about, login, lead
Level 0 Commands:
v, afk, kdr, uptime, cpu, files, change_password
Level 1 Commands:
afks, skips, aimbot_scores
Level 2 Commands:
pl, k, textban, textbans, textunban, mute, mutes, unmute, say, tell, st, balance_teams
Level 3 Commands:
b, bans, ub, ip, ipban, ipbans, ipunban, d, inf, password, map, maplist
Level 4 Commands:
Naughty Commands: s, kill, kills, assists, deaths, god, ungod, lag, unlag, camo, boost, loc add, loc del, loc list, loc listall, t, m, tp, hp, sh, ammo, battery, mag, nades, vexit, venter, wdel, wadd, spawn, despawn, olist, random_bonus, etc
Admin Management v1: adminadd, admin_change_level, admindel, admins
Admin Management v2: admin add, admin add_manually, admin change_pw, admin change_level, admin del, admin list
Event system, makros: event *, eventdel, events, cmd add, cmd del, cmd list, wait, w8
Map Voting: mapvotes, mapvote_add, mapvote_del, max_votes
Server Management: rcon_password, timeout, afk_kick, ping_kick, map_skip, spawn_protection, anticamp, aimbot_ban, map_skip, antispam, anticaps, antihalofp, adminban, coldsnap_ag, save_scores, block_tc, unlock_console_log, sapp_console, full_ipban, v1, v2, cmdstart, cmdstart1, say_prefix, msg_prefix, text, log, log_note, log_rotation, max_idle, setcmd, set_ccolor, list, beep, etc...
+ All Basic and Devmode Commands

Each admin level can use the commands of the lower admin levels.
Admins are not kicked by afk_kick and ping_kick.

You can change the name and the level of each command with the setcmd command!
Examples: setcmd k kick will change 'k' command to 'kick', setcmd k 3 will change 'k' command to level 3

player_number refers to player number taken from 'sv_players' or 'pl' list, while player_expr refers the player expressions listed on the top of the page!

Also, SAPP commands are not case sensitive any more. For ex: balance_teams = BaLaNcE_TeAmS = BALANCE_TEAMS

Commands are accessible via console, chat text (place \ [or whatever you set with cmdstart command] before each command), and from the init.txt files.

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